7 minutes of The Finals Gameplay leaked online

Embark Studios was founded by former DICE employees led by former EA chief Patrick Söderlund and announced two games in development. These were ARC Raiders and a game codenamed Project Discovery (later revealed to be a game called The Finals).

While ARC Raiders was supposed to be a co-op, free-to-play, third-person shooter, The Finals was an FPS. We got a small teaser of what The Finals looked like, and recently, the studio revealed a gameplay trailer using pre-alpha footage.

Now it looks like someone has leaked about 7 minutes of gameplay in action. It should be noted that Finals recently had a closed Alpha where a select few were invited to try out the game. The hacker probably obtained material from there and once released it, broke the NDA.

Important conclusions:

  • Finals gameplay leaked, it’s really a team-based first-person shooter game.
  • It features impressive graphics and destruction on large maps.

The Finals is the second project Embark Studios is working on, aside from ARC Raiders, which was revealed last year. The studio has received the backing of industry giant Nexon for both projects.

ARC Raiders was originally supposed to launch in 2022. However, it has been delayed to 2023, the developer announced on Twitter. Later, in a blog post, studio head Patrick Söderlund stated that the studio was so pleased with the progress they were making on The Finals that they decided to release the game as the studio’s first title.

Not only that, he revealed that since Embark Studio is still a relatively young and small game developer, they were sharing resources and teams for ARC Raiders and The Finals, and releasing two games at the same time would have put a lot of pressure on them.

It should be noted that as it was in the trailer, the leaked footage is also probably from the closed Alpha of the Finals. So the game is still unfinished and probably missing a lot of what Embark Studios has planned for it, as closed Alphas have early versions of the games that are slim versions of the final product.

The game, or at least the game mode seen in the video, focuses on picking up a cash register, defending it with your teammates, and getting it to the cashout station. This plays heavily into the play-show theme of the game that we’ve been led to believe in the game’s features.

Upon starting a match, you and your teammates can customize your loadout and choose your character/competitor, which is divided into three classes. The charges are Light build, medium build and heavy build.

The game starts with an entrance that is impressive and players enter a map, along with the other enemy teams. As mentioned, the game revolves around taking a cash box, which spawns on a map, taking it to the cash station and also defending said cash station while performing its action.

The gameplay here doesn’t have much destruction, except to a small extent. This is likely because the game in closed Alphas is quite limited. The leaker mentions that The Finals is visually very impressive, as we could see in the previous official reveal of the game.

We can expect nothing less from developers known for previously working on the Battlefield franchise, which are visually very impressive and feature large maps.

At one point in the leaked game, we also see a state declared by the game as “Lower Gravity” though we cannot ascertain what it is from the little glimpse we get of it.

The game also seems to have pre-made team names for teams. The ones shown in the leaked gameplay are The Big Splash, The Boundless, The Ultra-Rares and The Jet Setters.

We also get a look at the solid, foam-like crafting weapon we saw in the game’s trailer earlier, though we can’t do much more than that.

That’s all we can see in the leaked gameplay. The Finals is currently slated for release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, but no release date has been announced, though it’s expected to launch in 2023. For more details, head over to its Steam page .

Although the game is currently in the Alpha stage, it seems to be in pretty good shape. We certainly hope it will be a solid multiplayer experience when it releases.

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