Apex Legends Mobile – Stage Break Event Guide

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 is just days away, but there are still a few in-game events you can take advantage of before the Aftershow Battle Pass expires and is replaced by the Champions Battle Pass on October 18. One of these is Stage Break, an event that has been advertised throughout Season 2. Similar to the Crypto-themed System Anomaly event from earlier in the season, this event challenges players to complete daily missions to unlock prizes…and secrets .

The premise of Stage Break is simple: the Rhapsody stage is, well, broken. Her concert arena has been completely destroyed, and something tells us that a bitter roadie isn’t behind this kind of destruction. To discover the culprit (and earn some cool loot along the way), players must repair the devices in Rhapsody’s stage kit one by one. For each piece of equipment players repair, another clue will be revealed — along with a new reward for revealing it. Read on for a guide to fixing all five pieces of broken Rhapsody props.