Breath of the Wild Trick allows players to disarm Lynels

An interesting bug allows Zelda: Breath of the Wild players to disarm Lynels, some of the most powerful enemies Link faces in Hyrule.

ONE Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The player recently discovered that it is possible to disarm Lynels, as shown in a video uploaded to Twitter. Breath of the Wild features many dangerous enemies, but Lynels are definitely some of the scariest creatures Link has to face during his travels. Normally, Lynels’ flaming weapons are a challenge for players, but the clip posted on Twitter shows that there is another way for players to defeat the monsters.


The Breath of the Wild The glitch is one of many that allows players to manipulate the title. With a way to weaken Lynels before fighting them, players will now be able to approach their enemies without fear of defeat.

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Twitter user zelda_watchan recently posted a video showing Link disarming a lynel. The glitch works by first luring a Lynel into Gerudo Town and then triggering the cutscene where Link is thrown out of the village. When Link regenerates, Lynel will be weaponless. This works with many Lynel variants Breath of the Wild, and even with some other enemies. Indeed, the bug was also tested with Moblins, Bokoblins and others Zeldahis only enemies.

To disarm the Lynels, however, they must be in line of sight. If players can’t see them, the Gerudo Town bug won’t work. Fortunately, the Breath of the Wild The formula allows players to lure enemies around specific areas, much like other open-world games. Once players bring the Lynels into view of Gerudo Town, they will be able to successfully disarm them. Although the bug in Legend of Zelda strange as it may seem, it can actually be used to help fans defeat some of the tougher enemies in the game. This will be especially useful for players who want to quickly make their way through the lands of Hyrule.

The battle in The Legend of Zelda it can be challenging in the best of ways, and some players may need a way to deal with various enemies. The new and unique glitch from Twitter user zelda_watchan, while not originally intended to be part of the title, could be a valuable tool for Zelda players. And, as fans expect Tears of the Kingdomit’s good to know that there are some new ways to enjoy Breath of the Wild. Hopefully, as fans continue to adventure with Link in Hyrule, they’ll be able to spot even more interesting quirks in the amazing Nintendo Switch title.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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Source: NintendoLife

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