Caitlyn Jenner slams ‘radical left’ for transgender sports stance

The left, which “thrives on using identity politics to divide us,” is sending America “down the tubes,” according to Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner, who lashed out after a Vermont high school girls volleyball team was kicked out of its own her. locker room after girls raised concerns about a biological male who claims to be a transgender girl using the facility.

In a series of fiery tweets this week, Caitlyn Jenner, who came out as a transgender woman in 2015 and underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2017, accused the left of “hijacking” minority populations and the trans community to divide the country.

“The left thrives on using identity politics to divide us,” Jenner wrote. “This Vermont story is another example of how they have hijacked and politicized the transgender population, as they do with so many other minority populations, in this country.”

“Joe Biden – Divisive!” Jenner, 72, added.

The reality star also called the forced mixing of transgender athletes with those of their newly discovered gender as “backwards”.

“We can’t have biological boys with penises changing next to our daughters in the locker room and then scolding our daughters from school,” Jenner said. “That’s so far back.”

“Shame on Vermont!” added the former California gubernatorial candidate.

In another tweet, Jenner pledged to continue fighting the “radical left” on these issues.

“I will continue to support common sense solutions no matter what, e.g[ecially] about transgenders in sports and schools stories are becoming very common, b/c of ​​the radical left,” wrote the 1976 Olympic decathlon gold winner.

“I’m an American who loves my country and hate to see it fall to these radical leftists!” Jenner added.

Last week, Vermont’s Randolph High School charged natural-born girls “harassed” and “bullied” for speaking out against the administration for allowing a biological boy to change with them in their locker room, according to WCAX Burlington.

The girls alleged that the transgender student using their facilities acted inappropriately and made offensive comments.

After concerns, the girls were blocked from using the facilities, in a move that explains why more women tend to avoid speaking out against transgender athletes.

The school insists the ban is legal and within the law, with administrators claiming there is “a lot of room where students who are uncomfortable with the laws can alter privacy.”

Transgender students using locker rooms and bathrooms of their new gender is an ongoing struggle nationwide.

For several years, individual schools have created their own rules, some based on state-friendly education rules.

During the Trump presidency, the federal government sought to reverse former President Barack Obama’s rules that forced schools to give preferential treatment to transgender students.

However, since the Biden administration took office, the federal government has reasserted its dominance over states with reissue trans-coddling rules.

Despite Biden’s move to force America to accept transgender people in school locker rooms, states have passed their own athletic and education laws and rules that place limits on transgender students.

A Georgia high school sports club even moved to ban trans girls from just playing with biological girls.

With nearly a dozen states passing laws to place bans and restrictions on transgender athletes and more than a dozen others considering similar laws, the issue finally appears destined for the Supreme Court.

Jenner has long opposed transgender biological boys competing in girls’ sports.

Last year, when asked about some states passing legislation to protect girls’ sports from transgender biological boys participating in them, Jenner he said, “This is a matter of justice. That’s why I’m against transgender biological boys competing in girls’ sports at school.”

“It’s just not fair,” Jenner repeated. “And we need to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”

In January, Jenner called about the NCAA “making the right decision” not to allow biological men like Penn’s transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to compete as women.

Instead, the gold medalist suggested that transgender athletes should either continue to compete in the division corresponding to their birth sex or compete in their own separate division.

In February, Jenner accused the “woke world” of gender identity amid reports that parents of students in California’s Los Alamitos School District alleged biologically male counselors who identify as “non-binary” were allowed to sleep in the same cubicles as fifth-grade girls at a school science camp.

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