China urges ‘patience’ with lockdowns as coronavirus cases surge ahead

Newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party People’s Daily On Monday, he told citizens to “strengthen their confidence” and be “patient” with China’s brutal coronavirus lockdowns as the Communist Party Congress (CPC) begins next weekend.

China’s coronavirus cases are rising despite China’s draconian control measures, a potential source of embarrassment for dictator Xi Jinping as he seeks an unprecedented third term in power under the CCP.

The People’s Daily insisted that “prevention and control guidelines are effective against the Omicron variant,” despite all evidence to the contrary.

“Self-confidence is more important than gold in the fight against the epidemic,” the Communist paper proclaimed, while admitting that some of the heaviest measures may have gone too far.

“We need to optimize epidemic prevention and control initiatives and further improve them to be more scientific, accurate and effective to minimize the impact on economic development and the normal life of the public and increase confidence and patience in current prevention and epidemic control policies”, the People’s Daily drone.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Monday found few signs of a lighter touch as public “frustration” grows ahead of the historic Communist Party Congress. The SCMP Marked cities across China continue to impose “precautionary restrictions and bans,” with little concern for the resulting disruptions to the economy or even food and medicine shortages.

“Local governments resort to severe punishments, sometimes even police detention, to deal with violations of control,” SCMP he noted, describing official threats to transfer civilians to concentration camp-style “extensive central isolation” centers.

Reuters reported Chinese officials telling stranded tourists to “seek temporary work as electricians, cooks and woodworkers” after a sudden lockdown was imposed in Xinjiang province, home to oppressed Muslim Uighurs.

China is trying to record the massive human rights violations against the Uyghurs and complete the job of subjugating the Uyghurs, turning their homeland into tourist sight. Many residents of Xinjiang believe Their province has been subjected to extremely sudden and harsh coronavirus lockdowns to crush their spirits.

Reuters also found that Shanghai residents are getting nervous as coronavirus cases rise in China. Shanghai was put into a grueling two months “safe” lock in early summer and its residents are worried it could happen again. Several Shanghai districts announced that public spaces would be closed on Monday, but so far only a few residents have reported being confined to their homes, as much of the population was in June.

Some other cities it was placed under full lockdown on Monday, including the northern city of Fenyang and Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia.

“Yesterday I was forbidden to leave my residence. Today I was forbidden to leave the building. It is the sixth day of the lockdown. I’m so desperate!” a resident of Hohhot He wrote on Weibo, China’s heavily censored version of Twitter.

“I’ve been eating instant noodles for a week. Canteens are closed. Delivery services are not available. My supply of instant noodles is running low. Help!” shouted another.

Shares of international casino companies it slipped on Monday as news of the latest lockdowns spread, dashing hopes for a rebound in Chinese consumer spending. Wynn Resorts, MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas Sands Corp and Caesars Entertainment Inc. was among US companies that reported shares down as much as 12%.

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