Courmayeur is Northern Italy’s best kept secret

Courmayeur is a place for adventure seekers. In the heart of the Mont Blanc massif, one of the largest mountain ranges in Europe, it is picturesque all year round. Looking into the city or out to the troughs and peaks of this alpine region, there simply isn’t a bad view in this northern Italian resort. The city is filled with narrow cobbled streets, quaint chocolate buildings and every luxury store you can name.

In a prime spot in the city center, but a little way from the main action, Le Massif is a bold new property that combines modern design with old world charm. Crafted from natural materials, blonde wood and elegant marble, every detail has been taken into account.

There are 74 bright contemporary rooms, including four suites, many with sunny terraces. Except pure peace all around. And there’s a relaxing spa with hammam, sauna and jacuzzi not to be missed.

The boutique property houses three wonderful restaurants and a stylish bar. Cervo Rosso Steakhouse is perfect for those chilly winter nights, Chétif serves hearty Italian fare, while LM38 is Le Massif’s new and delightful gourmet destination restaurant.

What makes Le Massif suitable for LHW? With its excellent location at the foot of Mont Blanc, Le Massif Hotel & Lodge can benefit from the best of two cultures, both represented there: France and Italy. Guests enjoy scenic outdoor skiing and hiking facilities, fine dining ranging from Michelin-starred tasting menus to French-Italian comfort food, and access to a charming village just meters away. Today’s travelers are looking for properties that are rooted in their destination and offer personalized experiences. Le Massif does this and more, combined with warm Italian hospitality at its best and led by local staff who have a deep, personal connection to Courmayeur.

LHW looks for hotels with unique personalities in gorgeous settings — what are some of the design elements at Le Massif that stood out to LHW? Surrounded by the granite walls of Mont Blanc and the wonder of the Alps, Le Massif is perfectly situated in this natural setting with Italian tradition and elevated mountain hospitality. The furniture, terraces, wood, stone and fabrics honor the mountain landscape and its Italian roots. At LHW, we celebrate an appreciation for local design and traditions, and this is undoubtedly found in Le Massif.

What did Le Massif bring to Courmayeur that wasn’t already available? Since opening in 2018, Le Massif has set the bar for luxury in Courmayeur as the first five-star boutiques in the region. Luxury lodge meets cozy cabin offers impeccable appointments and the perfect location to explore the many delights of Courmayeur. The personalized wellness programs and ecologically sound principles that were part of its construction distinguish this property. Le Massif is an ideal mountain getaway for a romantic getaway, family holiday or even a solo adventure.




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