Deion Sanders, Eddie Robinson Jr. were involved in a brawl after Jackson State’s win over Alabama State

Tempers flared at the end of Jackson State’s 26-12 win over Alabama State on Saturday. During the midfield handshake, Tigers coach Deion Sanders tried to hug Hornets coach Eddie Robinson Jr., but the Hornets coach refused and pushed the hug attempt away.

The two walked out to the midfield logo as time expired, and after shaking hands, Sanders tried to pull Robinson in for a hug. However, the Alabama State coach put his hand on Sanders’ chest and pushed him back. The two exchanged quick words before Robinson left.

In his press conference after the match, Robinson was asked about the fight. Robinson said he felt disrespected by Sanders all week and before the game, so he didn’t want to act like a friend in the midfield.

“Well, to be up front, I thought it was very disrespectful all week,” Robinson said. “Well, you won’t be disrespectful all week in the media. We didn’t talk in the pregame. I was out there the whole time on the 50 yard line. . He went too close to getting to the side of the court in the pregame. I thought it was not classy at all. In the postgame, I’m not going to hug you bro Obama. I’ll shake your hand and carry on. I will always respect and have respect for the game… I live on the shoulders of SWAC. It’s not SWAC. I’m SWAC.”

Robinson also said the way Sanders handled the end of the game rubbed him the wrong way. Jackson State had a chance to take a knee at the end of regulation, but Sanders decided to be aggressive to get to the score. Robinson took exception to this and asked his defense to respond in kind.

“You can’t do all those things all week, then come in and put your backup quarterback in the game and make a hook to try to put more points on the board,” Robinson said. “S— was disrespectful. The game was off the line. It was 26-12. 40 seconds left. We didn’t have a timeout. Take a damn knee. We wanted to try to get a hook, so we started hitting. We’re going to take them out out of the game too. That’s how we have to play it. No quarter is given. You want to do that? Don’t come and try to hug me like we’re friends. We’re not friends. You didn’t shake my hand before the game. Why wanna shake my hand after the game? Period. That’s it.”

Although Sanders’ name was rejected for the Power Five jobs, Robinson said he hopes to get another crack at him and Jackson State next year.

“Hopefully he’ll be back next year,” Robinson said. “I pray he doesn’t get a Power Five job. We can play in Jackson and I pray they put us in for their damn comeback.

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