Delayed System Shock Remake until March 2023

It looks like the remake of the iconic techno-horror title System Shock may not be released as soon as fans thought it was getting a new date.

The release date for the System shock The remake seems to have been pushed back to March 2023. The original System shock was released way back in 1994, and while it may never have reached the frenetic heights of some of the other titles released around the same time, the game won a lot of praise from fans and critics. Thanks to the strong reception of the original System shocka widely popular sequel was released five years later.

However, after the turn of the millennium, System shock he didn’t see as much love as maybe he should have. The original developer of Looking Glass was shut down after its release System shock 2, leading to Night Dive Studios acquiring the rights to the game. There were plans for one System shock 3, but have since collapsed. However, for fans who want to return to the technical horror of the series, a remake of the original System shock was announced in 2016. However, since then, development has taken some time and the latest expected release date for the remake was 2022.


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It looks like the release window may have been pushed back, according to the recently updated Steam page for the System shock remake, which now lists the current release date as March 2023. That would make the System Stroke repeat the latest in a long list of highly anticipated 2022 releases that have been delayed until next year. Nightdive Studios has yet to comment on the game’s new release window, though the company retweeted Wario64’s announcement of the change.

It was believed that the the remake was on track to be completed soon. In April, Nightdive Studios reported that development was almost complete System shockgiving fans a lot of hope that the game could be released in 2022. More and more information about the game is being revealed this year as well, and while this will undoubtedly make the delay disappointing, it may indicate that this is the last delay players will see.

The latest look fans got at System shock The remake was a new trailer shown at Gamescom 2022. Starting with SHODAN, the game’s main antagonist, fans got a nostalgic look at the remastered version of the classic horror title. Even with the new release window on the game’s Steam page, it only delays the release by a few months, meaning System shock it won’t be in development for much longer.

System shock is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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