Disney Dreamlight Valley teases new companion interactions for next update

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been teasing its community that interactions with in-game animal companions may be implemented in a future update.

by Gameloft Disney Dreamlight Valley recently took to social media to tease the possibility of pet interactions in a future game update. With Disney Dreamlight Valley filled with different types and species of animals, being able to interact with these creatures and do more than just follow the player around will likely be a welcome feature in the game’s community.

Friends and characters Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the main features of life sim. For Disney characters that inhabit the valley, players are often required to build relationships with them in order to progress important stories and quests. However, animal companions have simpler roles in the game. Players only need to feed these creatures over time, and soon, the animals will start following the player character around the map. Now this Disney Dreamlight Valley teases additional features for animal companions, fans will likely be more motivated to befriend the animal inhabitants of the valley.


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On Twitter, his official account Disney Dreamlight Valley ran a poll on whether the game’s community would like to see interactions with animal companions in future updates. The choices in the poll were all yes and variations of yes, indicating that the development team is likely already working on the feature. In this case, the question to the community now would be when they would like to see the new one Disney Dreamlight Valley game mode built into life sim. Poll results showed that players want to see it already in the next update.

Unfortunately, the development team did not share the exact date to add the new feature to the video game. Given the resounding positive responses in the poll and even in the comments section of the Twitter post, the player base is already waiting in anticipation to be able to interact with the animal companions in the life sim. Fans will just have to wait for the next one Disney Dreamlight Valley update on the official timeline of when the team will release the upcoming feature.

It is likely to be interesting to see Disney Dreamlight Valley taking the views and feedback of his community seriously. This can be seen in the way the developers released game patches and fixes to improve the title’s gameplay and quality of life issues. Now this Disney Dreamlight Valley has teased a new gameplay feature, fans will have something else to look forward to beyond the character and story additions that will come with the next title updates.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S.

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