Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill gives reason for choosing Miami over the Jets

In front of the DolphinsWeek 5 game against him Jet, Tyreek Hill reflected in the near-trade that would have sent him to join AFC East rival Miami.

Hill discussed the blockbuster deal that never happened while speaking to reporters on Monday, revealing that the move was reportedly “very close to happening.” As it turns out, the 28-year-old recipient revealed that the talks eventually ended due to a very important reason.

“It’s just those state taxes, man. I realized I had to make a grown-up decision,” Hill said. “And now I’m in the big city of Miami, you know, great weather, great people, beautiful people, I feel like. Well, here I am.”

As the former Chiefs star reported, the Jets were firmly in the mix for Hill’s services amid talk of his desire to leave Kansas City earlier this year. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on March 23 that New York offered Kansas City the No. 35, No. 38 and No. 69 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft in exchange for Hill and No. 103. Schefter reported also that at the time the Jets and Dolphins were the only teams in “serious talks” to acquire the All-Pro wideout.

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