Doom Fan runs the game on the Notebook

Over the decades, people have managed to get the original Doom to run on all sorts of interesting devices, and one fan ported the game to the Notebook.

A modder managed to get hold of the original Fate to run on Windows Notepad, showing that it plays in realtime and at 60 fps. As one of the most iconic first-person shooters in history, id Software’s 1993 release is no stranger to modification. Since the game is considered quite primitive now, many people in the community have made the FPS in an innovative way available. Three decades is a long time for any video game, and the intervening years have produced some unique works.


It’s no secret that Fate it’s been ported to a lot of interesting devices, from smartwatches to vape pens to an iPod Mini. There was even a case where someone made the game play a pregnancy test. Such interesting conversions are a challenge in themselves, and if nothing else, it really highlights how important the game is to the industry and the surrounding community, while also helping to keep the classic in the limelight.

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YouTuber Samperson is no exception to this. In a recent tweet, they showed that it is possible to acquire Fate in action in the Notebook, with a short clip showing the game being played in real time. The modder insists that this has not been achieved through some form of “fake”, adding that he will be releasing the mod soon. They also uploaded the clip to YouTube in high definition, inviting naysayers to examine the footage frame-by-frame to make sure there were no tricks involved in the creation of the mod. How they managed to pull this off is not known at this time, but hopefully Sumberson will provide a how-to at some point.

For those who are perhaps younger, it can be difficult to emphasize just how important id Software’s original title was to influence, not only the FPS genre, but gaming in general. Over the years, there have been a ton of fantastic ones Fate clones that have emerged, apparently inspired by the 1993 release. Some of them have even taken the original formula and improved upon it, helping push the genre into new territories.

With a mix of fast-paced action, a heavy metal-inspired soundtrack, and great world-building gameplay, Fate it has certainly stood the test of time. The fact that the reboot of 2016 and the following Doom Eternal The release helped breathe new life into the franchise and shows how much the gaming world has never left behind what was released nearly 30 years ago.

Fate was released in December 1993 for multiple platforms and has been ported to many systems.

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Source: The Gamer, Twitter

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