Elden Ring’s video examines the nature of Ranni’s two fingers

A new Elden Ring The video examines how Ranni’s Two Fingers differ from other versions of the monstrous entity. The story of Ranni, an Empyrean who willingly sacrificed her body and placed her spirit in a living doll, is one of tragedy and horror. It is very suitable for Elden Ring, Of course. But Ranni’s Two Fingers is bound by its tradition Elden Ring in a way that is particularly interesting. Appropriately, there are several theories about the Two Fingers and whether they hold deeper secrets about Ranni and Elden Ringhis story.


Two fingers in Elden Ring they are monstrous entities that act as links to the Greater Will, a divine force from space that maintains the power of the Golden Order of Erdtree. Two Fingers are found in most Divine Towers, plus there are Two Fingers for each of the Empyreans, people like Ranni who are candidates to be resurrected to become gods. Except Ranni’s two fingers are weird, big and oddly shaped.

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Video from FromSoftware data miner and lore analyst Zullie the Witch takes a deeper look at Ranni’s Two Fingers. He pulls the dead monster off the ground and asks if there is more to it than meets the eye. The first fan theory he answers is whether Ranni’s Two Fingers are actually Three Fingers, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be true. There is no evidence of a third finger on the model, although there is a curious “knuckle” of sorts at its base that is otherwise only explained as a crease from the hand crumpling over it.

However, Ranni’s Two Fingers is weird in more ways than the weird “gut”. As noted, it is huge compared to other Two Fingers. This could be because it is an Empyrean Two Fingers, or it could be related to Ranni specifically. They also have no hair on them, which may or may not be noticeable.

Zullie says there is nothing else Elden Ring which could help solve the mystery of Ranni’s Two Fingers. He mentions that if FromSoftware releases DLC that offers a look at another Empyrean Two Fingers, it could provide some exciting answers, but FromSoftware has so many options for DLC that it could focus on many topics.

Two fingers in Elden Ring it will ultimately be a matter of players never having the full story. This is not uncommon in FromSoftware games, unfortunately. Its worlds are vast, engrossing, and far from complete, but by design and the nature of game development. That’s both frustrating and part of what it does Elden Ring large.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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