Fallout’s original protagonist is back for New Art

Fallout’s original protagonist, known as Albert Cole, appears again in some new promotional art for the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

The original Fallout The protagonist has been under-recognized over the years, but some new art incorporated into some ads has brought him back with a modern polish. Albert Cole starred as the main character in the first one Fallout title and has largely disappeared over the years until some recent promotional artwork for it Fallout series.

Before its start, Fallout 76 used concept and promotional art that was similar to older titles such as Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegasbut he placed much less emphasis on the opening titles or the Tactic spin-off. Eagle-eyed Reddit user SignalFire_Plae shared a cropped image of the Fallout 25 year anniversary art used for Fallout 76 in social media ads that highlighted Albert Cole’s role on stage. The original Fallout The protagonist is flanked in the clip by other notable franchise mainstays, such as one of the powerful mutants, a villain of Fallout 1and a robot that has appeared throughout the generations of the titles.


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Albert is flipping different types of meat on a barbecue in the screenshot shared by SignalFire_Plae, wearing his signature Vault 13 jumpsuit and a white Vault-Tec cooking apron that keeps the blue and yellow clean. Maybe I’m referring to another fan favorite Fallout character named Dogmeat, two German Shepherds wait in front of the barbeque Albert is standing on, while a Super Mutant and the Master lurk in the background. Another Vault survivor poses with his glasses at his side Fallout 76 image containing Albert, with Fallout 4 partner Piper Wright at his side and an Eye Bot floats in the distance.

The recent Fallout The titles followed nuclear war survivors such as Courier 6, Lone Wanderer and Sole Survivor, each offering their own unique perspectives on the apocalyptic setting. The original Fallout The games are significantly different from the revamp of the genre it started with Fallout 3 and as a result, many of the characters in the original titles have been sidelined since 2008. Because of this, Bethesda Softworks has not mentioned Albert Cole many times and Fallout Advertising art breaks this long tradition by putting him front and center.

Lamenting that Albert Cole is used in the Fallout 25 years anniversary The artwork still has all of its limbs, the top reply on SignalFire_Plae’s Reddit post suggested that the arm should be replaced with a chainsaw like with Ash Williams from Evil Dead. Pointing out the absurdity in Fallout heroes and villains mixing with each other in promotional art, one fan was shocked to see The Master among the likes of Wright and Cole.

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