Feminists at pro-abortion rally attacked over ‘transphobia’

A French feminist group taking part in a pro-abortion demonstration was reportedly attacked in Paris this week, claiming that transgender activists were behind the violence, calling them transphobic.

Members and supporters of the feminist group L’Amazone took part in a pro-abortion demonstration in Paris earlier this week – part of a series of protests across the country in several cities that saw thousands of people join and demand abortion as a fundamental right in Europe for women.

L’Amazone posted a video of the alleged attack on their Twitter account on Thursday, blaming “transients” for the violence. saying: “Today, in France, the women who are going to demonstrate during World Abortion Day are attacked by arrogance with complete impunity and with the complicity of the organizers of the march.”

The group said they were labeled “TERFs” or radical bi-exclusion feminists by their attackers, who asked them to leave the demonstration.

They tore down our signs and started beating us when we tried to take them back. We asked the organizers to intervene against this violence, which they refused. Hence, we approached the police who were present,” the group added.

When did it become normal in France to attack women during feminist protests? What is the relationship between transphobia and women protesting for abortion rights?’ the team he said.

French feminist and former member of the protest group FEMEN Marguerite Stern expressed her support for the group, saying: “His wives [L’Amazone] have been attacked by a horde of teenage girls clearly angrier about ‘TERFs’ than abortion restrictions.”

Stern has previously spoken out about her own experiences of harassment from transgender activists after questioning the presence of transgender people in feminist activist circles.

“I think it’s an ideology that is taking more and more space in feminism and that conveys sexist values ​​that I, as a feminist, fight against. Consequence: for two years I have been receiving death threats, rape [threats], and insults. They vilify me by calling me transphobic when I never make hateful comments about trans people,” she said in December last year.

This week’s incident is not the first time L’Amazone activists have suffered violence. On March 8, during International Women’s Rights Day, the group was also violently attacked in the middle of a march after being accused of being transphobic.

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