FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC Solution

The FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC it is probably one of the last team building challenges you will solve in the advanced section as it can be difficult to complete without buying specific players in this soccer game. Not only does it set an exact requirement for how many nationalities you need, but also the number of leagues to get a rare player pack, which is one of the best FIFA 23 icon and hero netting packs.

The key here is to create strong bonds between players who play in the same league and come from the same country – several Germans will do the heavy lifting for us in this solution. Julian Draxler who plays in the Portuguese league is a crucial link for us in the LW spot. not only does it raise Bundesliga player chemistry, it brings Liga NOS ST and RW points into play. However, FIFA 23’s chemistry system is very different from previous games in the series, so check out our guide if you’re wondering exactly how it works.

The cheapest Puzzle Master SBC team

Fortunately, with the changes to how chemistry works this year, you can complete the Puzzle Master SBC by relying on the strong bonds of a few players and complementing the others around them. Here is the cheapest Puzzle Master SBC solution:

Player Position Link Club Price
Riemann GK Bundesliga Bochum 750 coins
Ginter CB Bundesliga Freiburg 800 coins
Weigl FROM Bundesliga Gladbach 1200 coins
Dahoud FROM Bundesliga Dortmund 1200 coins
Draxler LW Liga NOS Benfica 900 coins
Paulinius ST Liga NOS Sporting CP 650 coins
Goncalves RW Liga NOS Sporting CP 700 coins

With these players, the chemistry requirement for the SBC will be complete, so the rest of the SBC challenge is simply a case of ensuring that the current number of leagues and nationalities are met, along with the team rating of 80. These extra players should be very cheap to buy on the market if you don’t have them sitting in your club already from previous packs.

Player Position Link Club Price
Unal ST LaLiga He was flying 600 coins
Airque ST League 1 Strasbourg 700 coins
Rahmani CB Serie A Naples 650 coins
Romagnoli CB Serie A Lazio 900 coins

With the Puzzle Master SBC complete, you’ll have a pack of rare players waiting for you in the shop. It’s a shame that advanced SBC rewards aren’t tradable this year, but they’ll do a good job when it comes to filling your club early. For more on the upcoming releases, check out the FIFA 23 RTTK players you can win for yourself now or our Around The World SBC and First XI SBC guides, which have the best solutions for these challenges , if you haven’t completed them yet. Grinding for the best players is never easy, so every little bit helps.

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