Fire Emblem Engage: Everything you need to know

Fire Emblem Engage has been officially announced as the next game in the Fire Emblem series by developer Intelligent Systems. September’s Nintendo Direct kicked off with a reveal of the new Fire Emblem, giving us our first official look at some of the characters and story elements of the upcoming adventure. The next entry in the long-running series is certainly a welcome addition to the exciting line-up of upcoming Switch games on the horizon, with what could very well be another memorable strategy RPG offering.

While Fire Emblem Engage has quite a following following the release of its successful entry Fire Emblem: Three Houses in 2019, it will be interesting to see if or how Engage shakes things up. Below, we’ve rounded up everything we know so far about Fire Emblem Engage, from story details to who you’ll be playing and that all-important release date.

Fire Emblem Engage release date

(Image: Nintendo)

Alongside the reveal, Nintendo also set the release date for Fire Emblem Engage. The publisher revealed that the new tactical-RPG will be released on January 20, 2023 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition

Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition pre-order

(Image: Nintendo)

Fire Emblem Engage pre-orders are already live and hard to come by. With the new Switch strategy game coming out on January 20th, there’s not much time left to lock down a copy of Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition. This, by the way, is the limited edition that includes a physical copy of the game, an art book, art cards, a poster, and an exclusive steelbook.

The story of Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage

(Image: Nintendo)

As detailed on Nintendo’s official site (opens in new tab), Fire Emblem Engage takes place on Elyos, a continent said to consist of four kingdoms surrounding a central sacred land. A thousand years ago, a war between the citizens of Elios and the Fallen Dragon led the humans to summon Emblems to aid them. The Emblems, who are heroes from other worlds, were called to fight alongside the nations and thus successfully managed to imprison the Fallen Dragon. But, as we heard in the trailer, the Fall Dragon might just rise again, which will surely be very bad news for Elyos.

Fire Emblem Engage protagonist

Fire Emblem Engage

(Image: Nintendo)

In Fire Emblem Engage, we will take on the role of a character named Alear. In addition to a rather distinctive red and blue hairstyle, Alear also happens to be a being known as the Divine Dragon, who wakes up a thousand years after the war ended with no memory of his past – not unlike the protagonist in Fire Emblem : Three Houses (with a thousand years). Just like games of old, it looks like we’ll be able to choose between a male and female protagonist in Fire Emblem Engage as we set out to stop the resurrection of the Fallen Dragon.

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