France is heading “straight to the wall” with huge energy costs

French mayors have warned the Macron government that the country is heading “straight to the wall” due to rising energy costs in the country.

Increases in municipal energy costs of up to 400 percent will drive large parts of France “straight to the wall” in 2023, a host of mayors have warned the country’s government, with local leadership now struggling to even fathom how it could possibly to balance the budget of their local districts.

The warning comes as an increasingly desperate government led by President Emmanuel Macron desperately tries to keep control of the ongoing energy crisis, with the head of state himself repeatedly failing to urge citizens to exercise “energy sobriety” as his state Central Europe enters a period. which he calls “the end of abundance.”

But such efforts – which in recent days have even extended to strike strikes by local oil workers – appear to be failing, with leaders in the Paris region publicly warning the national executive that they will be able to survive on energy prices of next year.

“Let’s go straight to the wall” Le Figaro mayors from the region, which is the most populous in France, say.

One official in particular, Romain Colas of Boussy-Saint-Antoine, is quoted by the publication as expressing complete confusion about how he could possibly balance his city’s public finances, with the leader only expecting gas prices to rise. increase by 500% next year.

“I’ve been mayor for fifteen years and this is the first time I have no idea how I’m going to be able to balance my budget,” Kolas told the paper, while others urged politicians to take a more proactive approach to tackling the crisis in an open letter which was published on Tuesday.

While officials in France’s greater Paris region are now pleading for further government intervention to tackle the energy crisis, the measures taken by the Macron government so far appear to have done little to stave off the sense of impending doom for many in the country.

As Europe’s supply of Russian fossil fuels dwindles sharply, Emmanuel Macron is pleading with the French public to use less energy in a bid to stave off the need for austerity, with “energy sobriety” becoming a political buzzword in France over the past two months .

“The solution is in our hands,” Macron said earlier last month, having previously warned the public that the country was entering the “end of plenty” and that they had to “agree to pay the price” of today’s difficulties to support Macron’s difficulties. own value system.

Like other bigwigs across Europe, Macron also warned the public about the rise of so-called “illiberal regimes” they say will tackle the problem, echoing sentiments in Germany that populist politicians could see a huge surge in support as the mainstream fails to cope with the current energy situation.

However, while the Macron government is now threatening to crush the strike which they see as exacerbating the ongoing hardships, it has yet to label those who want to protest them “enemies of the state”, as at least one official in Germany has already done.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s interior minister, Herbert Ruhl, blasted those who want to challenge Germany’s faltering political dominance as “conspiracy theorists” and attacked them for “increasingly addressing issues of public interest.

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