Garmin just quietly released five new watches

Garmin has unveiled its second-generation Marq line of watches. An ultra-premium collection, even more so than Garmin’s best watches, such as the flagship Fenix ​​and Epix sports watches, this “luxury” collection of watches is specifically designed with specific sports in mind, with five watches featuring features for athletes. golfers, sailors, aviators and adventurers.

As you can probably tell from the line’s “luxury” price tag, these watches don’t come cheap, starting at $1,900 in the US (opens in new tab)£1,600 in the UK (opens in new tab) and AU$3,250 (opens in new tab)in Australia for the slightly cheaper Athlete model. The watches are built with a Grade5 Titanium case, domed Sapphire lenses, premium straps depending on the model you choose, and feature materials like more titanium, hybrid leather and woven nylon, 16-day battery life, and (a new addition to the lineup) a AMOLED touch screen.

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