Georgia Republican says Herschel Walker ‘hasn’t earned my respect’

  • Georgia Lt. Governor Jeff Duncan criticized the process by which Herschel Walker was elected to the Senate.
  • Geoff said Republicans just looked around to see who Trump endorsed to pick their running mate.
  • “Herschel Walker has not earned my respect or my vote,” Duncan told CNN.

Georgia GOP Lt. Gov. Jeff Duncan criticized how Herschel Walker became the GOP’s pick in the state Senate race.

During an appearance on CNN on Thursday, Duncan said Republicans need a representative in the Senate to gain control of the upper chamber. However, he criticized Walker’s selection as the GOP’s Senate nominee.

“We didn’t ask who was the best leader. We didn’t ask who had the best resume. Unfortunately, Republicans looked around to see who Donald Trump endorsed,” Duncan said. “And he was a famous footballer and that’s how he became our candidate and now we’re paying the price for that.”

When asked by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper if he would vote for Walker, Duncan said he would not despite spending the last decade “championing some of the most conservative policies.”

“I’m not voting for Raphael Warnock, and Herschel Walker has not earned my respect or my vote,” Duncan said, referring to Walker’s Democratic opponent.

“And, you know, I’m like hundreds of thousands of other Republicans here in Georgia. We’re confused. We don’t — we have nowhere to go right now,” he added.

A spokesman for Walker and the candidate’s legal representative did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Walker is fending off a scandal after a bombshell report by The Daily Beast published this week. The magazine interviewed the mother of one of Walker’s children, who said Walker paid for her to have an abortion after he got her pregnant in 2009.

The woman shared a $575 receipt from the abortion clinic, along with an image of a welcome card and a $700 check, both signed by Walker. Walker denied ever paying a woman to have an abortion, telling Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday that he sends money to “a lot of people.”

In an op-ed posted on CNN’s website Thursday, Duncan also took issue with Walker and the GOP for selecting him as the party’s Senate nominee.

“If we want the American public to take us seriously, we must take the first step by nominating candidates they should take seriously,” Duncan wrote. “This process goes beyond celebrity or fame. It requires leaders capable of winning elections by articulating a conservative vision of governance.”

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