Gobierno Mexicano Intenta Negar Robo Massivo en Carretera con Más de 40 Víctimas

The Mexican authorities are trying to deny a large-scale road robbery where armed men assaulted more than 40 motorists who were stuck in a traffic jam. Despite several videos from mobile phones and cameras in vehicles published by the victims, government officials call the case “false”.

The case happened last week in the coastal state of Veracruz, on the road that unites the city of Orizaba with the state of Puebla. The original version of los hechos reveló que una gran candidad de automovilistas se vieron obligados a detenerse dueto a un accident vehicle. Poco después arrived several armed men who traveled on motorcycles and began to assault the motorists at gunpoint, Excelsior de México information.

The initial reports revealed that the armed men went vehicle by vehicle pointing guns at the motorists and demanding any object of value they had on top of them. Some of the complaints revealed that motorists tried to call 911, but neither the National Guard of Mexico nor the state police responded to the scene.

Poco después de que los medios comunicación locales informed about the massive robbery on the carretera, the government of the state of Veracruz issued a brief communiqué on the social networks calling the information false, but no proportion of proportion. Las autoridades affirman que no se presentaron informes y, por lo tanto, no se cometió ningún delito.

The governor of Puebla, Miguel Ángel Barbosa, also spoke to the local media and affirmed that the robbery was a case of false news spread “by mentally ill people” who intended to sow fear. Barbosa assured that no complaints have been presented before the authorities of Veracruz or Puebla.

Despite the denial of the government officials, the Mexican media published a video of a truck that captured the moment when armed men robbed a vehicle in front of him and then robbed the driver.

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