GTA Online Halloween Update adds new Kill-Or-Be-Killed mode, Free Spooky Mask and more

Just like Red Dead Online, Grand Theft Auto Online is celebrating Halloween with a month-long event that brings a new mode, a free cosmetic, various discounts and more.

GTA Online’s new mode is called Judgment Day. It pits a group of bikers against other people on foot in what Rockstar describes as a “kill-or-be-killed, hide-and-seek scenario.” The hunted players try to survive until dawn while the hunters try to find and eliminate them.

Judgment Day is coming to GTA Online

Hunters start each round with an LCC Sanctus bike and love the extra health and speed, along with a double-barreled shotgun and stone ax to take down enemies. Hunters also have special abilities such as heat vision, heartbeat sensing, and health regeneration when standing next to their bike. Hunters also do more damage when standing near their bike.

As for those being hunted, they will find weapons on the map that hunters cannot pick up. Players can bring back their fallen teammates by killing a hunter. However, resurrections are turned off at the last minute.

Anyone who plays Judgment Day this week will win double GTA$ and RP, along with a $300,000 bonus GTA Online currency for winning three rounds.

Additionally, everyone who simply logs into GTA Online this week will receive the “War” mask, which appears in the Judgment Day mode.

All GTA Online players get this war mask for free this week
All GTA Online players get this war mask for free this week

Additionally, Halloween vehicles are returning to GTA Online. Players can zip through all the fearsome vehicles like the LCC Sanctus, the Albany Franken Stange and the Albany Lurcher. Players can pick up these vehicles from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website until November 1st.

GTA Online’s Halloween update will add more themed outfits, collectibles, events and features in the remaining weeks of October.

Outside of the Halloween events, players can head to the Smoking Room at Record A Studios to try out the “strongest strain” available yet through the newest Short Trips mission. Players will become Franklin and Lamar as they help Lamar’s business continue to grow.

Visit the Rockstar Newswire to learn more about what’s new in GTA Online this week and month.

In other GTA news, Grand Theft Auto 6 recently had a major leak that revealed tons of footage, details, and information about the next entry in the series. Police have located and arrested someone they believe was involved.

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