Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green reflects on sequel reaction: ‘It’s 100% the movie I wanted to make’

While Halloween proved popular with horror audiences in 2018, welcoming back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and examining the traumatic consequences of being a Final Girl, the sequel Halloween Kills divided fans. More violent than ever, it saw Laurie sit back and present antagonist Michael Myers as a supernatural entity – and not everyone was into it. Now, director David Gordon Green has defended the slasher sequel, saying it was “100% the movie [he] wanted to do’ and that he is ‘extremely proud of his kind of insanity’.

In the new issue of SFX magazine, which features the upcoming Halloween Ends cap trilogy on the cover, the director explains: “For me, psychologically, the whole point of this movie is to unravel things and not solve them.

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