Herschel Walker admits having affair with woman who accused him of paying for abortion

  • Walker confirmed to NBC that he was dating the woman he said paid for her abortion.
  • He denied sending her money for an abortion, but said he could have sent her money at some point.
  • The woman said Walker encouraged her to have a second abortion, the New York Times reported Friday.

Embattled GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who is facing charges that he offered a woman $700 for an abortion in 2009, told NBC News that he knows the woman who made the accusation and confirmed that he was dating her.

He also confirmed that the woman was the mother of one of his children, NBC reported.

The Daily Beast reported Monday that Walker — a staunch anti-abortion advocate — paid a woman who had become pregnant to have an abortion. The woman provided the Daily Beast with evidence in the form of a $575 receipt from an abortion clinic, an image of a $700 check signed by Walker and a card with his signature.

On Monday, Walker called the report “an outright lie” and said he planned to sue the Daily Beast.

But in a new interview with NBC published Friday, Walker now says he could have sent the materials the woman was referring to, but “not for the reasons he’s saying.”

“I don’t remember any cards or checks or anything. But I was going out with her. I could have sent some money. I could have sent a card,” Walker told NBC.

NBC also obtained text messages sent Friday between Walker’s wife, Julie Walker, and Walker’s ex-partner. In the texts, the woman tells Walker’s wife — who initiated the conversation — whether she knew Walker asked her to have an abortion twice.

“This message saddens me beyond belief. You know I am constantly trying to bridge a better relationship between you and Herschel. [the child] first,” Walker’s wife replied, according to NBC.

The woman also accused Walker of encouraging her to have a second abortion, but she did not, the New York Times reported Friday. The Times confirmed the Daily Beast’s report through investigative reports as well as an interview given by a friend of Walker’s accuser.

Walker and the woman, who remains unnamed, broke up a short time later, the Times reported.

“She’s been mad at me for years and it’s very hard,” Walker told NBC. “She’s a big, big supporter of abortion rights; she’s said that.”

Walker is in a tight race to unseat Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in Georgia.

While the allegations coming out likely won’t hurt Walker’s support among hard-line Republicans, it could lead some on the fence to distance themselves from him, experts told Insider. Throughout the abortion scandal, GOP leaders rallied behind Walker.

Former President Donald Trump has previously endorsed Walker, but is now distancing himself from the embattled candidate, a CNN report said.

A representative for Walker did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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