Hilaree Nelson: American climber found dead after missing Nepal summit

Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson has been found dead after he went missing while skiing Manaslu in Samagaun, Nepal.

The world-renowned mountaineer was descending the 27,000m Manaslu mountain on skis on Monday when she is said to have crashed near the summit.

“The search team that left this morning in a helicopter found her body and are bringing her back,” Jiban Ghimir of Shangri-La Nepal Trek, which organized the expedition, told AFP.

Ghimire said the body was taken to the peak base camp and would later be taken to Kathmandu.

On Monday, Hilaree Nelson, 49, slipped and appeared to fall into a 2,000-foot (600-meter) gap in the ice, known as a crevasse, just 15 minutes after reaching the top of the 26,781-foot peak.

Ms Nelson had climbed Mount Manaslu – the world’s eighth highest peak – in Nepal earlier in the day with her partner Jim Morrison.

The couple had taken pictures with their three Sherpa guides, who used a satellite phone to share the good news with Jiban Ghimire, the technician who organized their expedition, he said. The New York Times. After climbing to the summit, they descended from the 8,163-meter (26,781-foot) peak.

Ms Nelson previously wrote on her Instagram page: “These past few weeks have tested my resilience in new ways.

Hilaree Nelson is considered one of the most prolific ski mountaineers

(Screengrab/North Face website)

“The constant monsoon with its incessant rain and humidity has made me desperately homesick. I am challenged to find peace and inspiration from the mountain when it is constantly shrouded in fog.

“Yesterday we ended our summit bid when we decided it was too dangerous to move from C3 to C4.

“We then decided to ski from C3 knowing that this would mean carrying our skis up the mountain again if we attempted a summit again. It was the best thing we could have done.”

Helicopter rescue pilots search for climbers including Hilaree Nelson after avalanche at lower altitude of Mount Manaslu


The mother of two is described by her sponsor, The North Face, as “the most prolific ski mountaineer of her generation”. The outdoor recreation brand issued a statement on Monday confirming that the climber was missing.

The statement added: “We are in contact with Hilaree’s family and are supporting search and rescue efforts in every way possible.”

A decade ago, she became the first woman to climb both the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, and neighboring peak Lhotse within 24 hours. In 2018, she returned to Lhotse and made the first ski descent of the mountain, which earned her the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award.

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