Hitman 3 reveals more details about the freelancer

IO Interactive’s latest official blog post gave a tentative release date of January 26, 2023, for Hitman 3the highly anticipated Roguelite Freelancer mode. Featuring an evolving campaign mode, persistent progression systems, and a fully customizable safe house for 47 people to live in, Freelancer represents a kind of core evolution Hitman loop of the game and the developer worked hard to make it happen.

Specifically, the Freelancer game mode for Hitman 3 it got its initial announcement in early 2022, when it was slated for a spring release. That effort, however, was apparently more complicated than IO Interactive had originally envisioned, and the feature has since received numerous backlashes. Until now, IO Interactive hasn’t offered a specific release window for Freelancer, but it looks like things are finally moving along on that front.


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Hitman 3Its new Freelancer game mode should be released on January 26, 2023, although IO Interactive noted that this has not yet been set. This latest news is, according to the developer, just the beginning of a series of blog posts that will continue to come out until Freelancer is available, with the goal of updating players on the current status of the project. To kick things off, IOI said that Freelancer will hold its own closed technical test where select Steam players will be invited to join for testing purposes.

While Hitman 3 While Freelancer’s latest release delay may have been a disappointment to the player base, IO Interactive reported that the scope of the project has since expanded. Notably, Freelancer was originally slated to feature only a select number of the game’s numerous sandboxes, but is now set to launch with full support for each of the three Hitman the respective levels of the games.

Curiously, some players seem to have already gotten their hands on select cosmetics that may be locked back from the future Hitman content. That is, the recent one Hitman 3 The Freelancer mode suit leak has revealed a number of unique outfits for Agent 47, many of which are direct throwbacks to some of the franchise’s older games. All in all, the Freelancer mode is definitely shaping up to be an interesting release, and IOI has promised to have more information for interested players on October 27th.

The Freelancer mode should be especially exciting to gamers who don’t like it Hitman 3‘s Escalation Contracts. This new randomly generated campaign should offer even more replayability than the game already offers and a new end-game activity for players to participate in. ” which means things will have to shape up for it to finally go live.

Hitman 3 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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