How To Get Free Overwatch Coins

Overwatch 2 it’s free to play (well, apart from requiring you to have a console or capable PC, a stable internet connection and possibly a valid mobile phone number). As you might expect, this means the game has microtransactions.

There is a new premium currency Overwatch 2 called Overwatch Coins. They usually cost $1 for 100. The premium Battle Pass costs 1,000 coins, so it’s $10. There is, however, a way to earn free Overwatch Coins Overwatch 2.

Right now, there’s only one way to do this: by completing weekly challenges. You can earn up to 60 each week, for a total of 540 over the course of a season. That’s enough for a premium Battle Pass about every two seasons.

You will need to complete 11 weekly challenges to collect the maximum amount of coins. You will receive 30 coins for completing four challenges, another 20 after completing eight challenges, and an additional 10 for completing all 11. These include tasks such as:

  • Win 10 games
  • Win 20 games in Competitive or Unranked (including Quick Play, Mystery Heroes and Deathmatch)
  • Win 7 Arcade mode games
  • Win 10 games each as 2 different roles (Tank, Damage or Support) in Quick Play or Competitive Play
  • Mitigate 40,000 total damage
  • Heal 65,000 damage
  • Get 50 blocks or assists with Ultimates
  • Get 20 team kills

You’re probably not going to achieve all of this in one day. It may even be difficult for many people to complete all the challenges each week (this team kill challenge could be especially difficult). On the plus side, each challenge offers a 5,000 XP reward. This is half the Battle Pass level.

To be clear: you will not receive Overwatch Coins for progressing through the Battle Pass. This stinks, because other live service games like e.g Fortnite and Autumn guys allow you to earn in-game currency through their premium Battle Passes. If I don’t remind you, reaching the end of the Battle Pass in any of these games will earn you enough currency to buy it for the next season.

This is not the case with overwatch 2, disappointingly. I hope Blizzard reconsiders their approach to free coins and offer some as Battle Pass rewards in future seasons.

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