How to Install Epic Games Store on Steam Deck

Knowing how to install the Epic Games Store on Steam Deck means using great technology and making it even better. Not only will you have the Steam store at your disposal, but with this easy relatively simple solution, you can also add one of the other major PC gaming storefronts to your device. It only takes a few steps to sign in to your Steam account (or create a new one) and have instant access to your full library of games, ready and waiting (hopefully) to work just as seamlessly on the go. However, Steam isn’t the only digital distribution platform out there, and it’s certainly not the only one that works on the Steam Deck.

The Epic Games Store, with its weekly free games and numerous exclusives, has become a major force in digital distribution and is a storefront you can quickly access on the Steam Deck. The store has been available for Linux users for a long time thanks to Lutris, which uses Wine to create a layer of compatibility with the Windows version of the store, but you won’t need to make it work on Steam Deck. Here’s how to install the Epic Games Store on Steam Deck.