How To Unlock Lienna 57 LMG In CoD: Warzone And Vanguard

Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard are both in their final season of content with Season 5 Reloaded and one final weapon has been added to the weapon pool. An update on October 6 added a new light machine gun for use in multiplayer, Zombies and Battle Royale. Here’s how to unlock Reloaded Season 5’s Lienna 57 Light Machine Gun.

How to unlock the Lienna 57 Light Machine Gun

Lienna 57 light machine gun

The Lienna 57 is described as a compact light machine gun capable of high accuracy during sustained fire at short to medium range.

This new LMG can be unlocked either for free with an in-game challenge, or can be purchased as a weapon design with a cosmetic pack.

War zone

Challenge: Get 15 long range kills.

This is a fairly easy challenge for Warzone. This is something that shouldn’t take too long in any game mode, but would probably be quicker to complete in respawn modes like Resurgence or Plunder.

Note: Warzone’s weapon unlocks require you to complete matches to receive credits for your challenge progress.

Vanguard MP

Challenge: Get 15 long range kills.

Just like the Warzone unlock challenge, this Vanguard multiplayer challenge is easy and simple. Just pick any weapon and go for long range kills.

Note: Vanguard’s weapon unlocks require you to complete matches to receive credits for your challenge progress.


Challenge: Get 500 kills using light machine guns in a match.

This may take a bit longer than the multiplayer challenge, but if Zombies is your preferred mode, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Just choose your preferred light machine gun and make sure you play the weapon as the rounds progress. Also, get all the necessary perks needed to keep yourself alive, as this challenge requires you to get all 500 kills in one match.

Shop package

Dragon Rider Weapon Pack
Dragon Rider Weapon Pack

Lienna 57 can also be purchased from the store as part of the Dragon Rider Pack. This is a 7-item pack that includes the legendary Dragonscale weapon design for Lienna 57 and six smaller cosmetics. The Dragon Rider pack costs 1,200 CoD points ($12).

If you still need to unlock the previous Season 5 Reloaded DLC weapon, here is our complete guide to unlocking the BP50 assault weapon. We also have some recommended Warzone loadouts for you to try out in your next match.

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