Iran’s state television hacked live on air with an image of Ayatollah Khamenei in flames and a target on his head

An Iranian state broadcaster was briefly hacked during its nightly news broadcast with a message targeting Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as anti-government protests entered their fourth week.

The news bulletin of the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN), which is under the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation (IRIB), was briefly hacked by a group calling itself “Edalate Ali,” which roughly translates to ” Justice of Ali”. .

The television station on Saturday aired a segment of Ayatollah Khamenei attending a meeting in the city of Bushehr when it was interrupted by about 15 seconds of video showing a mask against a black background and then an image of Mr. Khamenei engulfed in flames and a red . the target appears in his head.

The video also had pictures of Mahsa Amini, Nika Shahkarami, Hadis Najafi and Sarina Esmaeilzadeh – all of whom have died in a month in Iran.

Captions on the footage read “join us and rise up” and “the blood of our youth drips from your feet”, in a reference to the Ayatollah. A song with the lyrics “Woman. ZOE. Freedom” – a common chant of the protesters – played in the background.

Anti-regime protests erupted in Iran on September 17 after the burial of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish woman who died in the custody of Iran’s terrorist morality police.

She was arrested for allegedly violating the nation’s strict Islamic dress codes for women.

Since her death, thousands of women have taken to the streets across the country in protest and resisted a fierce crackdown, in which rights groups said nearly 150 were estimated to have been killed and hundreds arrested.

Two people were reportedly killed in the Kurdish-populated city of Sanadai as anti-government protests entered their fourth week. One man was reportedly killed by police fire while driving a car, while a second protester was killed when security forces fired shots to disperse the crowds.

Police denied using live rounds against protesters, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.

A woman cuts her hair during a protest over the death of Iranian Mahsa Amini, in Istanbul

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi also faced a stern protest during a meeting with female students from Al-Zahra University in Tehran, where chants of “get lost” echoed through the corridors.

Protests have continued at several universities in Tehran and have also spilled over into markets, with many shops closed in support of the protests.

On Friday, the country’s Medical Examiner’s Office said Amini did not die as a result of blows to the head and limbs and instead died of multiple organ failure caused by cerebral hypoxia.

A woman holds a placard with a photo of Iranian Mahsa Amini as she attends a protest over her death

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The coroner’s report claimed Amini “suddenly lost consciousness and then collapsed” while in custody due to “underlying illnesses”, claiming she had taken medication for a disorder in her thyroid and adrenal glands following surgery for a benign tumor in the brain at the age of eight.

“Due to ineffective CPR in the first critical minutes, he suffered severe hypoxia and brain damage as a result,” it added.

The report of Amini’s death came as Iranian authorities denied claims that 16-year-old Sarina Esmaeilzadeh died after being beaten with batons by security forces during protests in recent weeks, insisting instead that she threw herself from a roof of a five-story building. Building.

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