Jurgen Klopp lashes out at journalist and sarcastically criticizes ex-Liverpool midfielder

Jurgen Klopp was not happy with a question at his pre-match press conference ahead of the Champions League, and also took a swipe at a former Liverpool midfielder.

Klopp is under increasing pressure in the eyes of many after his side’s difficult start to the season continued on Sunday with defeat at Arsenal.

It leaves last season’s runners-up in 10th place and already 14 points behind the Gunners and 13 behind last season’s champions Manchester City.

While the defeat by Mikel Arteta’s side could at least be down to the controversial decisions of the referees, who went on to reveal that VAR did not see the first goal, it was the sixth time already this season that the team have dropped points, just four short of the previous season’s league total.

The start of the season has led to some rare questions about Klopp, who has just celebrated seven years at Liverpool, the same time he spent at both Mainz and Borussia Dortmund before calling it a day.

More recently, former Reds midfielder Didi Hamann claimed the club lacked a “spark”, although he denied the German may be “coming to the end” of his time on Merseyside.

“I heard the line after the Arsenal game he used that Liverpool ‘need a spark’, how do you feel…” a reporter began to ask before being cut off.

“Who said that?” asked Klopp.

“Didi Haman,” he was told.

“Oh great,” Klopp replied sarcastically, “It’s a fantastic resource. Respected everywhere,” with the sarcasm only intensifying.

“Ex-Liverpool midfielder, apparently,” said the reporter.

“That doesn’t give you the right to say whatever you want, especially when you have no idea,” said a flustered Klopp.

Finally, getting his question out, the reporter said, “Well, I’m asking you, do you feel that you need, I mean, where do you see a spark, if it’s a spark that you need?

“I think actually, Didi Hamann doesn’t deserve to use his phrase to ask me a question. Do me a favor and ask your own question,” Klopp replied.

“We won’t use that phrase then. What is it that you feel you need…” the reporter said as he was interrupted once again.

“Try to ask a question without using the word spark, that’s the challenge now,” said the former Dortmund manager.

“No spark in there. What do you feel like you need to get that momentum going after Jurgen?” replied the reporter.

“We have to keep fighting. It won’t happen overnight and especially when you look at the Arsenal game…” Klopp finally got around to answering the matter.

Klopp argues with referee after Arsenal defeat. Image: Alamy

Speaking to talkSPORT, Hamann had said, “This Liverpool team looks tired, they look flat and they just look flat. I’m not sure where the spark will come from because they’ve won games before.

“They beat Rangers a few days ago but they are obviously far superior to Rangers. I think they’ll know where the spark will come from, but if it’s the end of an era?

“I wouldn’t write them off, but my imagination won’t let me see where the spark will come from in the coming weeks.”

Klopp’s side could be on the brink of qualifying from their Champions League group if they win at Ibrox and Napoli beat Ajax after thrashing them 6-1 last week.

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