Kai Cenat surpasses 100,000 Twitch subscribers

Any Means Possible creator Kai Cenat has surpassed 100,000 Twitch subscribers and is setting viewership records as September comes to a close.

Popular Twtich Streamer Kai Cenat has surpassed 100,000 Twitch subscribers during a live stream on September 30, as he and his friends and family gathered around the broadcast computer to see the milestone happen firsthand.

Kai Cenat has been growing rapidly in Twitch subscriptions since 2021 and this is partly due to being one of the six members of the Any Means Possible content creator team and various offers he has received. Other AMP members like JustFanum, ImDavisss and Duke Dennis often share viewers with Kai Cenat on the same network, and the group of six make content together to further boost awareness of each other’s channels. Topping 100,000 Twitch subscribers like few before him, Kai Cenat achieved a new personal record of 133,000 concurrent viewers.


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Earlier in September, Twitch’s Kai Cenat had unbelievably surpassed 80,000 subscribers on Twitch as part of his rapid climb in popularity, ending September with 102,745 total subscribers. The unforgettable moment Kai Cenat broke 100,000 has been celebrated all over social media and shows his normally rather empty room full of friends, lights and loud party music. The popular Twitch streamer and others are screaming as the numbers climb into the six-figure range, putting Kai Cenat on a level on the platform previously unknown to him.

Due to his impressive rise on Twitch, some doubters accused Kai Cenat of laundering money through multiple accounts, such as some streamers in Istanbul, but the popular livestreamer has since shot down those claims. Cenat maintains a regular viewership of 65,024, indicating that a large portion of his Twitch subscriptions come from accounts that don’t always exist, with 43,973 of the total number being charismatic subscribers. As a result of his success in September, Twitch has placed Cenat on the front page of the site, which may further contribute to his growing numbers as more people become aware of his channel.

Many fans of Kai Cenat responded to the Twitch clip that surpassed 100,000 subscribers with congratulatory responses, some hailing the young content creator as a leader on the platform. Several Twitch viewers tried to figure out how much Cenat is making from this slew of subscribers, while one fan simply pointed out that Amazon’s platform gets a big cut of the revenue just by being where he chooses to live stream.

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