Marvel Teams with Pfizer, Promotes COVID Vaccines in Avengers-Sponsored Comic Book

Marvel Comics has teamed up with Big Pharma giant Pfizer for a digital comic featuring Captain America and the Avengers promoting the company’s coronavirus vaccines.

The theme of the comic defines the people who make the vaccine as “everyday heroes,” according to a Pfizer Instagram post from Thursday.

“Today, Pfizer and BioNTech announced our new partnership with Marvel Comics, the September 6 post reads. “Together we created a custom comic featuring the Avengers fighting to protect their community. We hope people around the world enjoy reading the comic… At Pfizer, we encourage people to come together to help protect themselves by getting up to date on vaccinations for COVID-19.”

One page of the new PSA digital comic tells readers: “You are among everyday heroes every day! The builder, the florist, the painter…everyday heroes are everywhere in your community.”

“What makes them everyday heroes?” the comic asks before going on to list the ways people should get the vaccines and boosters to mitigate the Wuhan coronavirus.

“We all have to do our part,” the page concludes. “So get vaccinated, stay up-to-date with the latest recommended booster for you. And be an everyday hero!”.

The partnership comes nearly a month after President Joe Biden declared that the coronavirus pandemic was “over” and also a month after the CDC amended its guidelines to end any differentiation between vaccinated and unvaccinated patients.

The plot of the comic features the maniacal robot Ultron – who is a supporter of the virus – who tries to destroy the Avengers but comes back stronger every time the super team defeats him.

Then Iron Man, representing Pfizer’s vaccine, develops a new cannon that can blast Ultron out of the sky.

The comic tells readers that the Avengers continue to “adapt” to defeat the “mutant” Ultron.

The dialogue goes on to say that Ultron “continues to change and evolve,” so the Avengers “continue to adapt and re-strategize.”

The comic closes with groups of regular people such as window cleaners, elderly people, nurses and construction workers standing among the slogan: “Everyday heroes don’t wear capes!”

“But they wear a little bandage on their upper arm after getting their last Covid shot – because everyday heroes are concerned about their health,” the comic concludes.

Marvel has been wading into political waters more and more in recent years. Just last year, the comic book giant depicted Captain America telling Americans over the Fourth of July weekend that the American dream “is a lie” because the US is irredeemably racist.

A few months before that, the company again used Captain America to attack traditional conservative ideals by presenting the ideals of conservative philosopher Jordan Peterson as Nazi principles.

And in yet another use of Captain America to push a leftist agenda, Marvel introduced a gay offshoot of Captain America in the 80th anniversary Captain America comic.

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