Meloni was outraged by the French minister’s statements about the “surveillance” of freedom

The leader of the Brothers of Italy (FdI) and likely next Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni has slammed a French minister over remarks that France may be monitoring the country for rights and freedoms violations.

Miss Meloni was reacting to the comments of France’s Minister for European Affairs, Laurence Bunn, who told Italian media: “We want to work with Rome, but we will monitor the respect of rights and freedoms. It is important that the Meloni government remains on the European front against Moscow and in favor of sanctions.”

“At this point, Meloni has clearly expressed his support for what Europe is doing. After that it is clear that we have differences. We will be very careful to respect the values ​​and rules of the rule of law. The EU has already shown itself to be vigilant against other countries such as Hungary and Poland,” Boone added.

After the remarks, Meloni was quick to criticize the French minister, saying: “I want to hope that, as is often the case, the left-wing press has misrepresented the actual statements of representatives of foreign governments, and I believe that the French government will immediately deny these words, which they look too much like an unacceptable threat of intervention against a sovereign state, a member of the European Union.” Il Giornale References.

“The era of governments under the DEMOCRATIC Party seeking protection abroad is over, I think it is clear to everyone, in Italy and in Europe,” he added — the Democratic Party (PD) is the main political force of Italy’s left-wing establishment.

Minister Boone’s statement follows similar statements by French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne regarding Italy and access to abortion.

Days before last month’s national election, where Meloni’s FdI came first as the largest party, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was also accused of threatening Italy, saying: “If things go in a difficult direction, I have talk about Hungary and Poland, we have tools.”

“These are disgusting words, the threatening tone is unacceptable,” said populist Lega leader Matteo Salvini, a member of the right-wing coalition Meloni’s FdI now leads, after von der Leyen’s comments, accusing the Commission chief of trying to influence or even to blackmail the Italian voters.

Meloni and her allies are still in the process of forming Italy’s next government, but the FdI leader said her top priorities are the looming winter energy crisis and the rising cost of living for Italians.

“The priority will be the cost of energy, the issue is not how it will be compensated [financial] speculation, but how do we stop it, we can’t keep giving billions to speculators,” Meloni said during a speech to the nation’s largest agricultural association.

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