Mets’ original plan falls apart as Padres blow up Scherzer

NEW YORK — After two days of obfuscation, arrogance and general silliness, Mets players made clear Friday what Mets manager Buck Showalter refused to say: Jacob deGrom will start Game 2 of the National League wild-card series .

Showalter said Thursday that the team would decide its Game 2 opener based on the outcome of Game 1. He didn’t elaborate, but even a casual observer could tell the idea would be to maximize the one-two punch of New York: Win Game 1 with co-star Max Scherzer, use No. 3 baseman Chris Bassitt to try to sweep the Padres in two games and keep deGrom, the other ace, available to start either game 3 winner takes all or, ideally, Game 1 of the NLDS against the Dodgers.

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