Microsoft launches website to explain benefits of Activision Blizzard acquisition

Microsoft just released a brand new website that includes some details on why the acquisition of game publisher giant Activision-Blizzard is, in fact, a positive. Having been dissolved long ago, this deal between the two companies has yet to pass all competitive checks and balances and may face additional resistance from lawmakers in various countries.

Regardless, Microsoft is projecting a confident image as it tries to convince all of its critics that its acquisition of Activision Blizzard will be good for everyone involved and more. “When we do this, we all win,” claims the software company’s new website, though it’s worth noting that the situation is almost entirely unprecedented in the gaming industry. Quite simply, there’s no way to tell how such a huge studio purchase might affect the industry in the long run.


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Overall, Microsoft wants to provide “more choices and more games for people everywhere,” as posted on its new landing page for the deal. As PlayStation’s Jim Ryan discusses its acquisition of Activision Blizzard with regulators in Brussels, Microsoft intends to convince everyone that this is the way to go. The benefits of Activision Blizzard working under the Xbox umbrella are numerous, the site claims, with various examples being more options for where people buy games, more competition in various industry niches, and other various advantages.

With Activision Blizzard’s rumored takeover soon to be finalized, it’s clear that things are brewing behind the scenes. This new site offers provisions for the latest news about the deal, as well as a variety of articles discussing Microsoft’s plans for Activision Blizzard and its properties. “Developers deserve more options to build, distribute and monetize,” the site says, with references to mobile gaming platforms being a particularly notable point, as the site specifically says players should expect ” more games on more devices, including Xbox, PlayStation, phones and online.”

The community doesn’t seem to be overly critical of Microsoft’s efforts to push the deal. In particular, reports of various issues and cultural problems at the Activision Blizzard studios have eroded much of the goodwill the publisher had built up over the years. One of the most recent examples involves Activision Blizzard reportedly withholding raises due to unionization, and Microsoft may be hoping to clean up that toxic image with the acquisition.

It’s important not to underestimate how successful Activision Blizzard is. The launch of the new October COD and Overwatch games, for example, is a huge deal, and the publisher has many more exciting projects in store right now. While it’s still uncertain whether the deal will make it through all the regulatory red tape around the world, it’s easy to see why Microsoft is so motivated to make it happen.

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