Mother of Herschel Walker’s child claims she had to pressure him to pay for abortion he promised to fund

The woman who says Herschel Walker paid for her 2009 abortion has detailed the experience in an interview with The Washington Post in which she accuses the Republican of resisting or delaying her efforts to get him to pay for the procedure.

Her story was published Tuesday in the The Washington Post; The unnamed woman described how Mr Walker told her it was an awkward time for him to have a child when the pregnancy happened in 2009.

He then went on to say that he promised to send a check but the money didn’t materialize quickly — according to the woman herself and a friend who says she told them about the situation as it happened, a days-long effort to secure payment of Mr. Walker had to be taken over.

“He was like, ‘I’ll do it as soon as you send the check,'” said the unnamed friend. Position of Ms. Walker’s ex-girlfriend’s account. “And he was like, ‘I sent the check.’ And he said, “It’s been seven days. Do not understand.”

According to Position, Mr Walker would go on years later to pressure the same woman into having a second abortion after sedating her again. this time, however, he refused and gave birth to one of his four children into the world.

The new revelation, albeit a small one, adds another layer to the increasingly messy situation developing around Donald Trump’s choice to unseat one of Georgia’s two Democratic senators who took office after a special election held in January of 2021.

Republicans had seen the state as their easiest target to wipe out the 50-50 Democratic majority in the Senate, but the unprecedented issues that have plagued Mr. Walker’s campaign in recent weeks have put that effort in jeopardy.

The Georgia Republican now faces his own charges of absentee parenting and blatant hypocrisy over allegations that he refused to publicly acknowledge the existence of many of his children as well as an allegation that he financed a 2009 abortion.

But the GOP insists it will stick with Mr. Walker until the end, denouncing the stories as media smears.

“I think we’ll stick with Walker and all the effort we put in [Senate Leadership Fund]we’re going to see it through,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNN.

“I think they’re going to hang in there and run until the finish,” he added.

Mr. Walker continues to publicly insist that the story is false and that he opposes abortion in all cases.

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