MultiVersus rewards players after completing the Battle Pass

Rewards may be coming for dedicated fans.

Now that we’ve had a significant amount of time with the first proper MultiVersus Battle Pass, there are quite a few players out there who have already unlocked all of its goodies and are looking for another reason to keep playing besides leveling up certain characters. For now, you can still complete daily and weekly quests to earn Battle Pass points, but they only add to a pointless total for players who have already completed it.

Well, that could change in the near future, as MultiVersus director Tony Huynh said on his personal Twitter account that developer Player First Games is currently “looking into” the issue. Huynh states that the developer could possibly start handing out a different reward for completing daily and weekly missions for those who have already unlocked everything in the Battle Pass. This isn’t confirmation that a system is coming, but it would be rather silly not to do something about the game’s lack of post-Battle Pass progression.


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Huynh doesn’t even address what those players could be given in his tweet, leading to speculation and requests from players. The vast majority seem to just want Gold as a reward, which would be a good alternative. Currently, the only way to get gold is very slowly through matches, praying to the heavens for someone nice enough to give you a bunch of toast, or through leveling up. However, solo players can sometimes struggle to find generous toasts, and those at high levels know that leveling up is easier said than done.

Others suggest that the premium side of the Battle Pass could overtake Gleamium, as there is currently no way to earn the currency other than simply buying it from the store. Even if these are small increases, players could save up Gleamium for taunts or voice packs that would add to the sense of progression that essentially disappears once the Battle Pass is completed.

However, the more likely of the two scenarios is rewarding players with missions with extra Gold. Still, it’s better than offering next to nothing and would be a good way to encourage players to log in daily, especially for those who may not have unlocked all of the playable characters yet. As someone who completed the Battle Pass, there’s no point in playing MultiVersus anymore except for personal enjoyment, and with all the other live-service titles out there, like Splatoon 3 and the soon-to-be-released Overwatch 2, vying for attention . the game could start to see a decrease in players.

Whatever Player First decides to do, it needs to give players something to work on besides slowly leveling up new characters, especially since the next Battle Pass won’t drop until at least November 16th. Gold is probably the best solution – at least then I could finally afford the legendary icon Fred ascot. A man can dream.

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