NBA Draft: Inside Wembania and Henderson’s exciting showdown

HENDERSON, Nev. — We can only do so much to create our own history: identify the actors who might shape things to come, place them in the arena, hope for the best outcomes, subject them to the chaos that follows . Perhaps no unseen force can destroy a plan faster than teenage nerves. And so, the odds of two basketball prodigies each putting on a transcendent performance Tuesday night probably weren’t as favorable as basketball players in this desert would surely have you believe.

Much of the NBA scouting cognoscenti descended on Las Vegas this week to find out anyway, as it’s not every day that 18-year-old Frenchman Victor Wembanyama flies across the globe to show you what you’re missing. With a well-deserved foil to American point guard wunderkind Scoot Henderson, the two players widely touted as the top two draft picks on next year’s team (in that order) squared off for the first time. Teams will have to lose a lot, either engineered or random, to really figure out the syntax of either, but damn if that idea doesn’t have a little extra credibility the next morning.

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