New Starfield Art shows ships, landscapes, characters and more

The new concept art for Starfield showcases the game’s aesthetic, offering players a closer look at the ships, characters and upcoming factions.

A series of recently released concept art for Starfield has revealed a variety of previously unseen concept art for the upcoming game. Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is highly anticipated, with the reveal of more concept art being a fascinating look at the aesthetic behind the game.

If the rumors are true Starfield The pre-orders could start soon, so gamers have finished their anticipation for the upcoming title. The recent reveal of additional concept art gives players more reason to get excited. Several gameplay videos have given players a look at how the game’s world will feel on screen and Starfield may set Bethesda Game Studios’ previous record of stellar games.


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Posted in a series of tweets, the art offers virtual images from the game’s universe. A bright orange setting sun is in the distance, while another image shows a Republic ship against a deep blue background. The Republic hosts the United Colonies in-game. Starfield is slated to be Bethesda’s biggest game and the concept art really shows a different world with impressive variety of landscapes, ships and characters. The images were shared in celebration of World Space Week.

The Freestar Collective’s ship is depicted with a western feel, hearkening back to the space western style of space operas from the 1970s and 80s. It was previously revealed that the name of the Collective’s capital is Akyla. The city of New Atlantis is shown in one shot, while another shows a mech placed under a massive ship. Given the diversity of images, of Starfield The story could expand on the common themes in sci-fi RPGs. The images strike an interesting balance between pop art posters and nostalgic memorabilia.


In previously released artwork, Ryujin Industries’ large megacities have a cyberpunk sheen, with high technology and vast cityscapes. Large suns and spacesuits make up several of the new designs. StarfieldIts unique features have captivated players for a while, along with other enticing and unique gameplay options that could make it a highly engaging RPG. This recently released concept art brings players one step closer to immersing themselves in its world Starfield. With the popularity of video game art among fans, it’s always worth seeing the sheer scope of design work that goes into a massive game. Hopefully Bethesda will keep the original art coming as fans eagerly await the release of this exciting game.

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