Nintendo Switch Update 15.0.0 is available to download now

Nintendo is updating Switch OS to version 15.0.0, bringing changes, some tweaks to existing features, and stability to the Switch console line.

Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0 is now available for all Nintendo Switch consoles worldwide. This firmware update is the first for the Nintendo Switch series in nearly four months, with version 14.1.2 released back on June 13. This new version brings with it some new changes and fixes to improve and maintain system performance.

When the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, the system was bundled with version 2.0.0. Since then, the console has seen thirteen additional major updates, with minor updates interspersed among the major ones, such as the previous version 14.1.2. Major system updates are usually released within four to seven months of the previous version. For example, version 14.0.0 was released in March, marking seven months between versions 14 and 15.


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Version 15.0.0 was released with little fanfare on October 10 and brought mostly under-the-hood changes and quality-of-life updates to some existing features. According to the update notes from Nintendo’s website, the Bluetooth Audio menu has been moved to System Settings. Previously, users would have to scroll down to the bottom set of options in System Settings to get to the Bluetooth audio settings. The Bluetooth Audio option is now closer to the top of the left-hand menu in System Settings. Additionally, screenshots can now be taken via the capture button while using the Nintendo Switch Online app from the console’s home menu. However, this method does not support downloading videos within the NSO app. As with all other updates, the notes mentioned that system stability and improvements were made to ensure the best experience.

However, according to Twitter user OatmealDome, there were more internal updates released with version 15.0.0. Among the changes reported by OatmealDome, the firmware for the Bluetooth function of the Switch Pro Controller was updated, the system handling method for Ethernet adapters was changed, some language updates were made specific to mainland China, text was added to comply with privacy laws in Australia and New Zealand and changed and added some miscellaneous error messages.

The update comes ahead of a busy fourth quarter of 2022 for Nintendo. With upcoming titles such as Bayonet 3, Pokémon Scarlet and Violetand so on Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope, there is plenty of content for Nintendo fans to enjoy for the foreseeable future. Heading into 2023, the Switch will soon have The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for players to sink their time.

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