No More Heroes 4 could happen with enough fan support

No More Heroes creator Suda51 says there’s a chance the series could get a fourth entry if enough fans demand it.

According to its creator No more heroes series, another game starring Travis Touchdown could be possible if enough fans demand it. The series recently released its third release after a decade long gap, bringing back the beam katana wielding otaku assassin in one of his biggest adventures to date. Instead of dealing with ordinary shadowy assassins, Travis finds himself participating in the Galactic Superhero Rankings. No More Heroes 3 released on Nintendo Switch in 2021, with ports to other systems to follow later this month.


It has been said several times that No More Heroes 3 is the final game in the series, serving as the end of Travis Touchdown’s journey over the years according to Suda 51 himself. The IP is also co-owned by Marvelous Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacturer, with the former also owning a large portion her. However, Sunda states that if enough fans demand it, there could be a fourth game.

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Speaking with GNN, Suda 51 was asked if there was a possibility of a No More Heroes 4 game, even if the third game was positioned as the final battle involving Travis. Sudha clearly states that NMH3 It is indeed still intended to be the character’s final fight, but notes that he doesn’t know if it will be final. He notes that if there’s a “big fan outcry” for one, Travis might come back again. He compares this potential return to being similar to Tom Cruise’s return as Maverick in Top Gun movies.

Sunda also mentions that he would love to see a collection of all three No more heroes games in one package, though notes that depends on the publisher, Marvelous, and not him. This is in line with previous statements Suda has made about the future of the series, either a spin-off or a continuation of No more heroes series, which requires a lot of cooperation between Grasshopper and Marvelous.

Sunda has stated in the past what possibilities No More Heroes 4 would seem, noting that it could appear ten years later, both in-universe and in real-time, with Travis facing a powerful opponent such as Ivan Drago from Rocky 4. Suda concludes the interview by teasing future projects that Grasshopper Manufacture is working on, asking fans on PlayStation and Xbox to enjoy the upcoming port of No More Heroes 3.

No More Heroes 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch, with PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S ports launching on October 11.

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Source: GNN (via VGC)

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