Nurse sacked for saying Tory voters should not be resuscitated

A nurse has been fired from her private firm after she went on national television to openly proclaim that people who vote Conservative should not be resuscitated by the NHS.

Miranda Hughes, 46, revealed she was sacked after appearing on Channel 5 debate show Britain on the brink on Monday, in which he said the country’s socialized healthcare system should not save the lives of people who vote for the Conservative party.

“You’ve shrunk to the point where you can’t treat people the way you should be treated. And it eats at you, because you’re there to do a job as a compassionate person, but there’s no resources,” she told host Jeremy Vine.

“And you’re constantly told on the news that care homes are being fenced off, but it’s a lie. And I’m sorry, but if you’ve voted Conservative you don’t deserve to be revived by the NHS,” he said.

While Hughes later clarified that she would not personally decide to let a person die because of their political beliefs, she justified her outburst by citing the government’s alleged mistreatment of health workers, explaining: “It’s appalling the way we’ve been treated . All the nurses have been slapped in the face.’

Ironically, despite declaring her support for the country’s socialized healthcare system, she admitted she chose to leave the NHS for the more profitable private sector, saying: “I couldn’t handle the emotional stress of not being able to deliver for my patients. “

The appearance sparked a swift backlash, and on Wednesday she revealed she was fired from her company over the comments.

Speaking to Daily Mail at her home in Odiham, Hampshire, which the tabloid claimed was worth around £500,000, Hughes said: “I was very angry and I shouldn’t have said what I did, but I was so angry it just pissed me off.”

“I regret what I said and of course I would never resuscitate anyone. I wouldn’t even know their political beliefs. I’ve dealt with people from their mayors down in society,” but added: “I underestimated how people will take something and run with it. Unfortunately, they are misdirecting their anger.”

Some on the libertarian right of the political spectrum have decried her firing, claiming it is another case of cancellation culture. However, others have pointed to the comments as a violation of the Hippocratic Oath and therefore not a free speech issue, as potential future patients may fear for their safety under her care.

“This makes my blood boil,” said Reform deputy leader Dr David Bull. “It’s unacceptable, it’s unethical, it’s a breach of professional standards, and that woman, I’m afraid, will not only lose her job, she’ll lose her accreditation.”

“The first rule of medicine is that you treat everyone equally and put aside any prejudice you have and treat everyone as you want to be treated and I think the way he behaved was frankly completely disgraceful,” Dr Bull added.

Hughes is not unique in the medical field in wishing death for her political opponents in England. In an exclusive Breitbart London video in 2019 that sparked national controversy, a protester in London who claimed she was studying to be a doctor said she hoped then-prime minister Boris Johnson would die a “horrible death.”

“[Boris Johnson] he is a pig and I am so ashamed that he is the prime minister of my country, it is disgusting and I wish him the worst, I wish him a horrible death,” he said.

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