One of two brothers accused of knife attacks in Canada carried out the violence himself, authorities say

A series of knife attacks in and around an aboriginal community in Canada last month was carried out entirely by one of two brothers accused of the rampage, authorities said Thursday.

Miles Sanderson, 32, was also responsible for killing his brother, Damien Sanderson, 31, said Rhonda Blackmore, commander of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

In a statement, Blackmore said the total number of deaths now attributed to Myles Sanderson was 11.

RCMP were looking for Damien and Myles Sanderson at the start of the investigation.NBC News

Authorities had previously charged both brothers in the killings, which occurred on the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon in Saskatchewan on September 4. Eighteen people were also injured in the attacks.

Damien Sanderson was involved in the initial planning and preparation of the stabbings, Blackmore said, although the extent of his involvement remained unclear.

After a preliminary investigation based on victim and eyewitness accounts, murder, attempted murder and breaking and entering charges were filed against Damien Sanderson the day after the stabbing, Blackmore said.

“The Saskatchewan RCMP believes it is important to clarify Damien’s involvement in this series of events to demonstrate our continued commitment to transparency to the victims and families of those affected and to the public,” he said.

Damien Sanderson was found dead on Sept. 6 in what authorities previously described as a “large patch of grass near a house” on the James Cree Nation. He had visible injuries that are not believed to be self-inflicted, Blackmore said last month.

In her statement Thursday, Blackmore did not provide additional details about his death or say how investigators determined Miles Sanderson killed him.

Miles Sanderson, who previously said he was 30, died on September 7 after a chase with authorities. While in custody, he “went into medical trouble” and was pronounced dead at a hospital in Saskatoon.

The cause of his death also remains unclear, as does a possible motive.

Blackmore said investigators were continuing to review witness statements, physical evidence and other information to determine a motive and why some victims were targeted.

“It will take time to complete and the reality is we may never know exactly why,” he said.

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