Over 1.5 million people watched the premiere of Dream Face Reveal

The popular YouTube content creator Dream he finally revealed his face, attracting an audience of more than 1.5 million viewers to the video’s premiere on October 2. Dream has been a presence on the social media platform since 2014, mostly because of Minecraft videos and streams. In that time, it has developed a community of over 30 million subscribers. However, the YouTuber somehow managed to never show his face, keeping it hidden behind a smiling mask whenever he appeared on camera, although Dream did once reveal his hair on camera.


Many content creators on Twitch or YouTube don’t choose to keep their faces hidden from their audience. While some may start on camera, most usually show what they look like sooner rather than later because it can be difficult to prevent fans from trying to reveal the face of their favorite content creator. Sometimes the mystery about what a person looks like adds to their publicity, and some creators like Corpse Husband fear that a face reveal could end up being disappointing for fans.

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At the end of September, Dream announced that he was finally going to reveal his face, and excitement quickly grew. The announcement on the YouTube community tab alone garnered 360,000 likes. When the video finally premiered on October 2, it attracted an audience of over 1.5 million viewers within four minutes of its launch. Currently, just four hours after premiering, the video has nearly 10 million views and 1.3 million likes.

The reason Dream decided to finally reveal his face is understandable and quite simple. After years of staying hidden, the content creator wants to start meeting some of the friends he’s made online so it won’t be possible to keep his identity hidden. The YouTuber gave a little insight into how difficult it was, especially with people constantly trying to reveal Dream’s appearance and even make fun of him. “They’ve destroyed me,” Dream said in the revealing video. “People trying to leak my face, trying to find out what I look like… It’s too many.”

Dream said that ultimately YouTube’s face reveal won’t change much about how content is created, although there may be some videos where it’s now shown on camera. Because the vast majority of its content is Minecraft Game footage without the need for a face cam, which will mostly remain the same.

So far, feedback on Dream’s face reveal has been overwhelmingly positive, which may be an encouraging sign for other social media personalities who continue to remain undercover. Corpse Husband is another content creator who has yet to officially reveal his face, although an image purporting to be him leaked online in October 2021. Hopefully, the supportive reception of Dream’s face reveals that most fans they’ll be encouraging and kind if Corpse ever decides to officially show what he looks like.

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