Overwatch 2 achievements are sabotaging Xbox players

Overwatch 2 suffers from a major bug on Xbox that kicks players out of the game every time they earn an achievement. Overwatch 2 was released earlier this week and the game has been at the center of controversy for a number of reasons. There are those who are upset Overwatch 2of the monetization model, while others are simply frustrated with the ongoing technical issues. Blizzard has taken steps to improve it Overwatch 2 experience for players compared to how it was a few days ago, but there are still fixes to be made.


In general, these Overwatch 2 technical issues affect players on all platforms. The first two days after Overwatch 2 at launch, the biggest problem was the servers, resulting in long queues and almost impossible for most fans to get into the game. The snowstorm has taken Overwatch 2 down for maintenance multiple times since the game’s rough launch, and things seem to have stabilized quite a bit as a result. However, some of the game’s issues are platform-specific, such as a bug that sabotages Xbox players every time they earn an in-game achievement.

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Numerous Overwatch 2 Xbox players are reporting an issue where getting an in-game achievement causes them to log out, booting back to the main screen. Game Rant successfully replicated this error in our own testing. After they were kicked out Overwatch 2 to earn an achievement, the game would not allow re-entry until you reset the alternate MAC address on the Xbox console.

For the most Overwatch 2 game modes, this is no big deal. It’s definitely disappointing, but Overwatch 2 Quick Play and Arcade features have relatively low stakes. Where this becomes a big problem is with Overwatch 2‘s Competitive mode. If someone disconnects from one Overwatch 2 Competitive play and they can’t get back into it in time, they get hit with a ban for X number of minutes. This is essentially what it means Overwatch 2 Players on Xbox are penalized for earning achievements.

Obviously, this will affect the brand new Overwatch 2 Players on Xbox more than anyone else as they will have more achievements to earn compared to what they played Overwatch since the original was released six years ago. And the good news for those battling it out in Competitive mode is that it’s new Overwatch 2 Players cannot access Competitive until they have won 50 Quick Play matches. There are those who are disappointed by this limitation, but this is a plus for him, at least until Blizzard fixes the game’s achievement bug.

Overwatch 2 is now in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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