Overwatch 2 Ana Corsair Skin is missing its parrot

Although each hero has many skins to choose from Overwatch 2, Ana fans have discovered that the popular Corsair skin is warping in a big way. Specifically, the cosmetic is missing his cock, with Overwatch 2 Fans have no idea where he went.

Anna’s bird is certainly not the only bird Overwatch. For example, Bastion’s winged friend Ganymede is an important part of his story and never leaves the robot side. Whether appearing in emotes or highlight intros, Ganymede constantly makes his presence known, and Blizzard even makes changes to the birds with each Bastion legendary outfit. Unfortunately, while Ganymede works perfectly Overwatch 2Ana’s parrot is no longer present when players equip the Corsair skin.


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Reddit user Spagernus was quick to point out the missing Corsair skin bird. Added back in the 2017 Halloween Terror event, the costume makes Ana look like a pirate and there is a lot of detail on her weapon and outfit. However, while Ana’s special eye, bandana, and hairstyle are all fun, what makes the makeup so special is the green parrot perched on her shoulder. For whatever reason, this parrot no longer exists in the updated version.

While this is understandably frustrating for skin lovers, Spagernus lightened the mood with a funny variation on the “where banana” meme. However, if this is a bug, it’s the latest of many Overwatch 2. Although there are more pressing concerns, such as Overwatch 2Error codes, server problems and server crashes, this could be another thing to throw in the pile. Ideally, there will be a fix soon, provided the removal of the parrot wasn’t an intentional change on Blizzard’s end.

Although some commentators were understandably critical Overwatch 2problems launching it, others continued the light-hearted nature of the original post in the comments. For example, TheQueq mentioned the long wait Overwatch 2, joking that Ana had to eat the bird to survive in between matches. Others suggested that he was being held for ransom as part of the Season 2 battle pass, while another popular theory claimed that the poor bird was waiting in line. Regardless of what the real cause is, and although these players made some fun jokes, the skin is a little less interesting without the bird.

For now, all players can do is bring the parrot’s disappearance to the developers’ attention, reminding Blizzard that the skin needs a fix. Hopefully it will either be added to the list of known issues soon or Blizzard will clarify why the bird has been removed from Ana’s shoulder.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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