Overwatch 2 – Kiriko Hero Guide

Overwatch 2 is now here, bringing a massive update to the hero shooter. New modes, a new battle pass and new heroes headline the new game, including a brand new healer character, Kiriko. While owners of the original Overwatch will have immediate access to Kiriko, new players will have to play to earn her, along with someone from the original roster, or unlock her immediately by purchasing the premium battle pass. Here’s everything you need to know about the new healer, Kiriko.

Kiriko Overview

Kiriko is a fast moving healer with a high ceiling. She can continuously heal her teammates with primal fire, Healing Ofuda. This sends out paper charms that locate the teammates you’re targeting when you shoot them. These Ofuda don’t move particularly fast, but Kiriko’s kit is designed to stick in battle, close to your teammates. Her abilities give her the chance to move around a ton to avoid being taken down, and while her secondary fire Kunai doesn’t deal as much damage as some other healers, its rapid fire and reload speed make it handy enough to shoot down an enemy that gets too close.