Overwatch 2 Kiriko Spray is a reference to LoFi Girl

Overwatch 2 Players share their fun with the discovery of a Kiriko LoFi Girl Spray. While the Overwatch 2 The hero is new to the series, the LoFi girl is a character many players probably recognize from YouTube.

The “LoFi girl,” as she’s referred to, is a character that comes to life through nearly endless streams of LoFi music on YouTube. Streams are meant to be relaxed, with relaxing music for viewers to listen to while studying, relaxing or even sleeping. The classic LoFi girl is seen sitting at her desk writing while listening to music on headphones, as her cat sits on the window sill nearby.


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Overwatch 2 just released, but as players would expect, it contains references and Easter Eggs that refer to the game’s universe, as well as other fictional worlds and the real world. Kiriko, one of the new heroes joining the roster of playable characters, has a spray available simply titled “Lo-Fi”. The art featured in it shows Kiriko sitting at a desk, listening to music through headphones on what looks like an iPod, while her fox lays on the window much like the cat from the original LoFi streams.

The spray is getting praise from fans, who were happy to see the mention made in the game. It’s not the only spray or item that Kiriko has access to, it’s a reference to outside icons as she also features a spray that depicts her running with a piece of toast in her mouth wearing a school uniform with a sailor collar, a classic call back to myriad anime and manga. However, the original LoFi girl is such an icon that is recognizable even to those who don’t usually indulge in anime.

For Kiriko and/or LoFi fans, the new spray can be obtained by purchasing the Kiriko Legendary Pack, which comes with a legendary skin, emote, pose, voice line, and spray. The pack is available for 2000 Overwatch Coins or about $20 USD. Some fans have complained about the cost, as it has compounded some fans’ frustration with the new free-to-play version in the series, which has locked Kiriko back past his level 55 Overwatch 2 free battle pass. Due to its extreme popularity and DDoS attacks, you just enter Overwatch 2 was a challenge for many fans, and seeing either a long game ahead or having to open their wallet was not welcomed by many players.

In the past, the LoFi girls’ stream was taken down by YouTube due to copyright concerns, but has since been reinstated online. While Overwatch 2 seems to have some issues to work out with the fan base, at least players can relax on a stream of LoFi girls while they wait to access the game.

Overwatch 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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