Overwatch 2 – Mercy Hero Guide

Overwatch 2 has revitalized the hero shooter by bringing a ton of new players to the game. While some will be drawn to new heroes and the new Push game mode, new and returning players will want to try out some of the older heroes as well. This includes Mercy, a support character. Mercy is a great character for new players to learn the game and easily one of the best healers in the game. Here’s how to maximize your healing as a Mercy.

Mercy overview

Mercy is a support hero that focuses almost exclusively on healing. While healing is the main focus for all support heroes, Mercy provides one of the highest amounts of healing, in return for doing very little damage. Armed with a healing staff that can attach to an ally to give them healing or a damage boost, depending on who you want at the time. You can switch between healing and damage instantly. Mercy also has the ability to fly towards her allies and can even revive a person using her ability.