Overwatch 2 players are not impressed with the Junker Queen Legendary Skin

With its start Overwatch 2 a number of new legendary skins are coming, but some players are unhappy with a certain outfit for the Junker Queen. First revealed in June, the Junker Queen belongs to the tank class and is one of three new characters added to the Overwatch 2along with Sojourn and Kiriko.

As a tank, the Junker Queen provides another option for the introduced 5v5 format Overwatch 2. Possessing several impressive abilities such as Rampage Ultimate, it can be an asset in battle if used correctly. Aside from her movement, the Junker Queen’s default appearance is quite remarkable. Unfortunately, it seems that the character’s new legendary skins are somewhat unimpressive.


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While adding new legendary skins for the new characters Overwatch 2 sounds good, seems like a lot of players are disappointed with what they got. In particular, a user known as BorrowedPen recently made a post on Reddit in which he pointed out that the legendary skin for the Junker Queen left a lot to be desired. In the post, the Reddit user included an image featuring two skins for the new tank character and challenged others on the platform to guess what the legendary outfit was.

Interestingly, the two skins shown in the image looked remarkably similar to each other. While there were several minor differences, such as hair color and shoulder pad designs, most of the main features kept the same theme, something BorrowedPen pointed out when he posted the image on Reddit. According to the Reddit user, the legendary skin could be replaced with the default skin and no one would notice. In addition, many members of Overwatch 2 The community seemed to echo that sentiment, with the post garnering 28.2k upvotes in just a few days.

To make matters worse, BorrowedPen pointed out that the significant amount of time required to earn in-game currency made these less impressive legendary skins even more disappointing. In fact, another player recently estimated the time it would take to earn enough Overwatch Coins for a legendary skin, claiming it would take eight months. Alternatively, players could spend $20 to purchase the skin.

It will be interesting to see if Blizzard does anything to address this negative feedback about the new legendary skins in Overwatch 2. However, this is far from the only issue the developer had to deal with regarding the release of the title. NEXT Overwatch 2upon release, it had faced DDoS attacks and complications with extremely long queue times preventing players from controlling gameplay. Hopefully, Blizzard can begin to address many of the issues fans are having with the game, such as cosmetic issues, in the coming days to improve the experience for new and returning fans of the series.

Overwatch 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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